How To Choose A Scrap Yard

Still trying to find a good scrap yard where you can sell your junk cars? Finding the right scrap yard doesn’t have to be challenging. By following the tips below, you can finally choose a great scrap yard for your junk cars.

Schedule of Hours

First, you should look up their schedule of hours. For example, if you’re only available on Saturdays, it’s crucial that the scrap yard you choose is open on that day. Also, it can be beneficial to select a scrap yard that has flexible hours that can fit your individual schedule. The best way to find this information is to either call them or look up their business information on Google.

Location, Location, Location

Another essential part of choosing a scrap yard to sell your cars to is their location. After all, you don’t want to use a scrap yard that’s over an hour away. Instead, search for “local scrap yard removal near me in Clare, MI.” By choosing a local scrap yard, you can have an easier time selling your junk cars due to this convenience.

Price Point

Besides a scrap yard’s schedule of hours and location, another essential part of choosing an excellent local scrap yard is to check out how much you’ll make for your junk cars. After all, it always comes down to the dollar, so it’s important you contact local scrap yards to get estimates for your junk cars. You can also use their sites to compare and find the best deals in your area. Once you find a scrap yard with the prices, you should contact them to pick up or drop off your junk cars.


The scrap yard you go to should have a warranty so you’re covered in case anything goes wrong. This is another crucial deciding factor that you should take into consideration before making a final choice.

There are many things you should keep into consideration when choosing a scrap yard where you can sell your junk cars. From comparing their hours to comparing their warranties, these tips should be able to help you make the right choice in selling your junk cars to a local scrap yard in your area.