A Brief Introduction To Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum recycling uses scrap recycling in new products after it’s been discarded by consumers. Typically, the aluminum recycling process means melting the metal, which is less expensive and more eco-friendly than creating new aluminum. In fact, it only uses 5 percent of the energy that would be used to make new aluminum. This is why 36 percent of all aluminum from the United States is from recycled scrap metal. The most common type of processed aluminum includes beverage cans that can be turned into aluminum cans.


Recycling aluminum offers both environmental and energy savings. Even after you conclude how much money it can cost to recycle aluminum; the long-term cost is much less than making new aluminum for new products.

Environmental Savings

The benefits of recycling aluminum depend on the type of energy that’s used. One example of this is called electrolysis and is done by using electricity from non-fossil fuel sources like solar or nuclear. Electricity is much cheaper and eco-friendly when used to produce recycled aluminum than new. In fact, Venezuela, Canada, Brazil, and Norway use nearly 80 percent of hydroelectric power to produce aluminum. Additionally, recycling aluminum gets rid of the need to mine bauxite. By recycling aluminum, you’ll notice incredible environmental savings, both for material and financial reasons. By melting down used aluminum, you’ll be able to lower your company’s energy impact while giving back to the environment, rather than taking away from it.

Energy Savings

Recycling aluminum can save up to 5 percent of the energy of creating new aluminum from bauxite. This can save you and the environment an enormous amount of energy. Instead of creating new aluminum, melting down old aluminum uses much less energy output during the melting process. Also, according to reports, nearly half of all aluminum products are now made from recycled aluminum material.

Although aluminum recycling isn’t a new process, it’s incredibly efficient for companies that need to produce aluminum-based products. From environmental savings to energy savings, you’d be surprised how much you can lower your carbon footprint and get back from recycling aluminum, rather than creating new aluminum. So, if you’re a metal scrap buyer in Montcalm, MI, consider aluminum recycling today!