Go green by recycling the various unused or broken items you have at home with help from Fair Salvage Company. We are a well-established local scrap metal and electronics recycler in Central Michigan that buys steel, old vehicles, copper, aluminum, brass, batteries, and other recyclable materials. Bring your recyclables to our salvage yard in Clare, MI today, and rest assured that we will give you a fair price for the items you wish to sell us.

Clare Division Material Pricing Information

Material Per Pound
Bare Bright $3.35
NO. 1 $3.25
NO. 2 $3.05
NO. 3 $2.80
INS. #1 $2.30
ROMEX $1.80
INS. #2 $1.30
INS. #3 $1.10
INS #3 W/ENDS $0.70
Christmas Lights $0.20
Material Per Pound
Red $2.15
Yellow $1.90
Shell $1.85
Turnings $1.50
Irony $0.50
EDM Wire $1.90
Clean Auto Radiators $1.90
Unclean Auto Radiators $1.10
Material Per Pound
Clean Wheels

(No valves, weights or chrome)

Unclean Wheels

(With valves, weights or chrome)

Aluminum Clad Wheels

(Aluminum Wheels with Plastic)

Semi Wheels

Old $0.45
Siding $0.60
Cast $045
Clip $0.52
Extruded $0.70
Unclean Extruded $0.55
AL Turnings $0.26
Irony $0.23
Material Per Pound
Co/Al (Clean) $1.55
Co/Al (Unclean) $0.95
Aluminum $0.50
Aluminum (Unclean) $0.30
Heater Cores $1.55


Material Per Pound
Ballasts No PCB $0.10
Elec. Motor $0.26
Starters $0.29
Alternators $0.31
Sealed Units $0.14
Material Per Pound
Lead Batteries $0.12
Steelcase Batt. $0.10
Soft Lead $0.45
Wheel WTS $0.10
Material Per Pound/Each
Automatic Transmissions $0.20/lb
Torque Converters $2.00 EACH
Material Each
Lg. Honeycomb $55.00
Bread Loaf $45.00
Reg. Honeycomb $35.00
Jumbo Bead $45.00
Regular Bead $15.00
After Market $4.00
Wire Converters $10.00
Catalyst $3.00/lb
Low Grade Foreign $32.00
Sm. Foreign Conv. $60.00
Lg. Foreign Conv. $80.00
Precats $10.00
Diesel Converters $5.00
Straight Body $45.00
Water Bottle $24.00
Wide Gap $16.00
Material GROSS TON
5’ Plate & STR $295.00
AF Structural $305.00
4 X 2 (3/16 inch minimum) $245.00
Mixed Cast $215.00
Machinery Cast $170.00
Drums and Rotors $325.00
Clean Motor $285.00
Unclean Motor $275.00
Diesel Motor $155.00
Unprepared $215.00
Unprepared Structural $250.00
Rebar $100.00
MST $50.00
Steel Cable $60.00
Heavy Torching $150.00
Material GROSS TON
Complete Car $220.00

*Complete cars must Include EVERYTHING; tires, converter, engine, motor, and more. please call office for full details.  If not driven in vehicle must have a large hole in gas tank, or there will be a $30 deduction.

**We will ONLY purchase hybrid and electric cars IF THE BATTERY PACKS ARE REMOVED.

Incomplete Car $210.00

Must have title and be a clean vehicle not stuffed with other items. If not driven in vehicle must have a large hole in BOTTOM of gas tank, or there will be a $30 deduction.

Material GROSS TON
Appliances** $210.00

 (**light unprepared under 1/4 inch)

Material Per Pound
Complete PC Towers $0.18
Incomplete PC Towers $0.14
Complete Laptops $0.35
Incomplete Laptops $0.15
Cell Phones $1.50
Cell / Laptop Batteries

Lithium Only

Material Per Pound
Magnesium $0.35
Clean Die Cast $0.40
Stainless $0.30
Carbide $3.50

All prices quoted at current market. May change depending on date and time of delivery. Prices subject to change without notice.

Fair Salvage Company will ONLY purchase hybrid or electric cars IF the battery packs have been removed.  

Trust a Reputable Scrap Metal Recycler

Get rid of incomplete electronic devices, old plumbing fixtures, broken Christmas lights, and other items you no longer use at one of our three salvage yard locations. For more details about our metal recycling rates and the items that we can purchase, simply contact us. We are open Monday through Friday and half a day on Saturday.