Measures To Take When Selling Your Vehicle To A Junkyard

For many people, the easiest way to get rid of a junk car is to simply sell it to a salvage company. Salvage car removal in Montcalm, MI, will not only get an unused vehicle off your property, but it will also help increase sustainability through the recycling and reuse of valuable raw materials that can be recovered from your old car. There’s also a financial benefit, as most salvage yards will pay you for your scrap automobiles.

While selling your junk car to a salvage yard represents a quick and efficient way to get it off your property, there are a few steps you need to take prior to selling it to help the process run more smoothly. After all, once the offer is accepted and the car is sold, your time with the vehicle has come to an end. Therefore, it’s important to properly prepare before finalizing the transaction. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to prepare when selling your old vehicle to a junkyard.

Search It Thoroughly

A Claw Crane Picking up A Salvaged CarThe first step to undertake after you’ve made the decision to sell your old car is to scour it for personal belongings. You may not even remember tucking a cherished photo behind the sun visor or leaving important tools in the trunk. Therefore, it’s a good idea to comb through the car’s interior spaces to make sure you’ve left nothing of value behind. You might have regrets when you later realize that you failed to recover an important personal effect.

Remove Valuable Parts

A salvage yard generally bases junk car payments on scrap value, or the value of the weight of the metal in the vehicle. Therefore, it makes sense to remove any valuable parts prior to the pick-up of the car you’re selling. If you have a nice stereo in your old car, for example, you may want to pull it out before selling it. Likewise, if you put a new alternator on your old car just weeks before another part failed and took the vehicle off the road for good, you may want to remove it and sell it online. You’ll get more money for it that way, and the salvage yard will still pay you the same amount for your scrap vehicle in most cases. Some people also remove new tires and wheels or car batteries if they are relatively new, as they too can fetch more money on the secondary market.

Get Your Paperwork Ready

In many states, you’ll need a title to sell a junk car to a salvage yard. While that’s not the case everywhere, if you have a title for your vehicle, go ahead and prepare it for the transaction. If you don’t have the original title, you can get a duplicate title in most cases from your state’s department of motor vehicles. You also may need to prepare or sign a bill of sale stating the details of the transaction. Be sure to remove any license plates that are on the car as well.

Contact Several Salvage Yards

Salvaged CarsJust as you would shop around for the best price on any goods or service, you should call the salvage yards in your area to get the best price for your junk car. In addition to asking for their quote, make sure you also know whether they’ll charge to remove the vehicle or do it for free. It’s also important to ask what state they’d like the car to be in when its sold. For example, some salvage yards prefer to have cars stripped down to the bare metal before buying them, while others will just buy the entire car. If the preference is the former, you’ll probably need to pay a mechanic to strip the car and remove the fluids, which represents an additional cost that should be reflected in the amount the salvage company is paying for your car.

If you need salvage car removal in Montcalm, MI, consider selling your old vehicle to a salvage yard for recycling. Before doing so, make sure you’ve considered the steps above to speed up the transaction and ensure that it goes smoothly. To learn more measures you should take when selling your junk vehicle to a salvage yard, contact Fair Salvage Company at (989) 386-7552.