Benefits You Get When Recycling A Metal

Do you have an old car on your property that you don’t know what to do with? Perhaps you’ve just finished a home renovation project and are left with scrap metal. A lot of people and businesses will have old scrap metal lying around without realizing that it’s not as useless as it seems. Recycling metal has tremendous benefits for you and your community. Here are a few reasons to consider scrap metal recycling in Clare, MI.

Clear Up Your Property

Whether you’re a home or business owner, you only have so much usable space. If you have an old junker taking up your garage or parked on the street (or worse, in your yard), that’s land that would be better served for any other purpose. If it seems like removing that car or scrap metal is an inconvenience, nothing could be further from the truth. Salvage companies perform scrap metal removal in Clare, MI, so you won’t have to do a thing. Just make a call, schedule a time, and they’ll come and pick up your old junk for you.

Save Resources

The production of metals like copper, aluminum, and steel is incredibly energy intensive. First, the raw elements need to be mined — an environmentally destructive process that pollutes the surrounding area while generating excess greenhouse gas. The raw materials then have to be shipped, often from distant locations such as South America. Finally, they’re manufactured where even more pollutants and greenhouse gases are produced. Recycling circumvents practically every element that would be necessary when producing virgin metal, and the result is metal that’s nearly as valuable as that which is freshly mined and manufactured.

Create Jobs

Most people agree that the loss of good, high paying blue-collar manufacturing jobs has severely damaged the health of the US economy. When you recycle metal, however, you’re contributing to a booming economic sector that’s labor intensive. From the salvage yard that receives your metal, to recycling and shipping, the entire process relies on the hard work and skill of blue-collar workers. Furthermore, they’re not engaged in work that’s destructive; they’re actively involved in helping make the world a cleaner, healthier place.

Increase US Exports

Metal Ready for RecyclingAre you tired of hearing about the US trade deficit? Everyone is. The fact is, the US doesn’t rely on manufacturing like it used to, so it’s always going to buy more goods than it sells. When you recycle metal, you’re working against that trend. That’s because scrap metal is a major export for the United States, exporting approximately $14.5 billion annually in scrap metal and recycled products.

It’s Good for Your Economy Too

Because scrap metal is so valuable, you can always find someone willing to buy your old scrap. When you sell your junk car or metal parts, not only can you get rid of it, but you’ll make some extra money as well. Since the salvage company will come pick it up themselves, it’s hard to think of an easier way to make quick cash.

If you have scrap metal you’re ready to sell, contact Fair Salvage Company. We’re reliable providers of scrap metal removal services in Clare, MI, and we’d love to get that old metal off your hands and back into the economy where it belongs. Call us today at (989) 386-7552.