Fair Salvage has been purchasing scrap metal from our customers according to Net Ton.  Starting January 2, 2023, we will begin purchasing from our customers in Gross Ton.  So, what does that mean to you, our customer?

Actually, not a whole lot will be different.  If you think about how much your ferrous scrap is per pound, then it will make a lot more sense.  If sheet iron is $100 per Net Ton, we can break that into the price per pound.  Simply take the 100 and divide that by 2000 which is the weight amount in a Net Ton.  You should come up with 0.05.  So, each pound is priced at 5 cents.  Now, if you take that same 5 cents per pound and multiply that by the weight in a Gross Ton, which is 2240, you should arrive at 112.  So, the same 5 cents per pound is $100 per Net Ton and $112 per Gross Ton.

This is just a different way to look at how scrap metal is purchased.  We have thought long and hard before making this decision.  But, since Gross Tons is how the steel mills purchase, this will allow us to buy scrap the same way that we sell scrap.  We are always here to help explain Net Tons vs Gross Tons if you need us to.  We appreciate you being a loyal customer and we will continue making improvements to better your experience when you visit a Fair Salvage Company location.  Thank you!






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Fairness in pricing. Friendly service.

- Toby F

Good people to deal with, great company.

- Eric Z

Friendly, professional, fair pricing, and great knowledge, awesome customer service. Now that is hard to find now days.

- Todd F

Best place to do business! Very honest company!

- Charles R

Very nice and friendly people. One of the best scrap yards I’ve been too.

- Wendy W

These guys are the best in town. Fair prices and top-notch employees that won’t hesitate to go above and beyond for you!!

- Jamie G

Best all around. Been doing business for over 15 years with them. They are great. Also, honest too.

- George R

Never have had a bad experience with them. Definitely will be a repeat customer.

- Ernest R

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Fair Salvage Company is Mid Michigan’s largest scrap metal processor.  We offer scrap metal recycling in the Clare, Montcalm and Reed City areas of Michigan.  With many years of experience in the metal salvage industry, Fair Salvage has perfected ways in which to sort your scrap so you get the most bang for your buck!  Our pricing structure is always competitive because we want to ensure our customers put the most in their pockets. We always keep our website updated with most current prices.

We purchase many types of scrap metal.  Anything from copper to aluminum wheels to car bodies.  We also purchase PC towers, laptops and cell phones.  It is always worth a call or a stop by to see if what you have can be recycled with us.  Our customers come first and we are always willing to go the extra mile to explain the item you have on hand.

Metal Recycling Dumpsters

Are you cleaning up around your house or business and need a scrap metal dumpster?  Give us a call!  We can almost guarantee that we will have a size to fit your needs.  We have dumpsters as small as 9 yards all the way up to a large 80 yarder.  We will schedule a time to drop it off.  When it needs swapped out, give us a call and we’ll get you on our schedule.