How Scrap Metal Recycling Helps In Environmental Cleanup

It’s a well known fact that recycling plays an important role in preserving our environment. Everywhere you go, you can find recycling bins for plastic bottles, soda cans, and paper products. However, nowhere is recycling perhaps more important than when it comes to scrap metal. Go to any scrapyard, and you’ll see piles of cars, car parts, wire, metal sheeting, and other items. Here are some reasons why trading in your old scrap metal is a great way to make extra cash and help keep a healthy environment.

Greenhouse Gases

ScrapyardMining metal requires a tremendous use of resources and energy. The process of digging out the ore, transporting it, and then manufacturing metal releases tons of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, accompanied by increased pollution which can lead to respiratory problems and other health risks. It’s estimated that recycling metal reduces the release of greenhouse gasses by an average of 410 million tons per year. Furthermore, mining itself results in tons of mining and water waste, so the less mining required to create metal, the better.

Saving Energy

Every time you visit scrap metal buyers, you’re saving a lot of energy. The savings in energy when metals are recycled as opposed to mined are as high as 95% for aluminum, 75% for copper, and 60% for steel. That means whenever you sell your used scrap metal for cash, you’re helping take pressure off the country’s energy grid, lowering prices for everyone, and further cutting back on the release of greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants. In fact, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, when you recycle 10 pounds of soda cans, you’re preventing 40 pounds of CO2 emissions from entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Economic Advantages

Aluminum cansIt’s not just the environment that benefits when you recycle scrap metal, it’s your fellow Americans as well. As mining becomes increasingly automated, it’s good to know that recycling is a thriving industry that employs more than a million Americans. Recycling scrap results in 36 times more jobs than when that same amount of metal is incinerated, and 6 times more jobs than when it’s sent to a landfill. Furthermore, these are people employed in an industry which is specifically dedicated to cleaning up the environment. It’s good to know that your scrap metal is providing good wages to people who are there to help keep the planet cleaner as opposed to digging into hillsides.

Recycling scrap metal has been tremendously helpful in protecting the planet from the effects of climate change and reduce pollution from our land and skies. If you’ve got some scrap metal that you’d like to get rid of and you’re searching for “scrap metal removal near me in Clare, MI,” contact the experts at Fair Salvage Company. They can help you clear up the environment and get you some cash in the process. Call Fair Salvage Company at (989) 386-7552 today!