Common Scrap Items That Can Make You Money

Most households have a number of items made of metal that are no longer of use. These objects are often completely discarded at the local dump. However, some of these items can be worth quite a bit of money. Rather than throwing them away, you could bring in some additional income. Here are a few common items that you should consider selling to a scrap yard rather than throwing out.

Old Grill

Metal ScrapSummer is the perfect time of year to pull out the grill and cook next to the pool. If you have an older grill, you might be considering buying something a little more modern. Most grills are made of aluminum or stainless steel, making them recyclable. If you’re looking to update your grilling tools as well, those stainless steel items can also be recycled. While most of your grilling materials can be recycled, any propane tanks that you might have used should be emptied and taken to either the place it was purchased or somewhere that specializes in hazardous materials.

Lawn Mower

Older lawn mowers are gas guzzlers that can be difficult to push around after a while. In an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, many lawn mower manufacturers now produce electric mowers, which are much better for the environment. If you’re in need of a new lawn mower or want to purchase a more energy-efficient option, you’ll need to find a place to get rid of your old mower. These machines are recyclable, so long as you drain the engine of any remaining fuel first.

Damaged Lawn Furniture

More Metal ScrapLeaving patio or lawn furniture out in the sun will inevitably rust and become an eyesore on your property. While lawn furniture is made of a variety of materials, such as aluminum, wrought iron, cast iron, or stainless steel, most of them are recyclable. When you decide to replace that old, broken-down lawn furniture with a brand new set, a scrap heap will allow you to get some return on your initial investment. This will even help you pay for your new furniture.

Above-Ground Pool

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to get rid of an above-ground pool. It could be that your kids have out grown it, or maybe you’re looking into installing an in-ground pool. Regardless of the reason, you’ll be looking for a way to get rid of this large object to create space in your yard. If the pool was made of steel or aluminum, a scrap yard will allow you to throw out the pool and bring in some extra money at the same time.

There are likely a number of items around your home that are either broken down or in need of an upgrade. A scrap yard will be able to offer you some good money for these items. Contact Fair Salvage Company if you’re looking for scrap yard recycling in Chase, MI. We’d love to pay you for your scrap metal!