Things You Should Know About Copper Recycling

Because of its many beneficial qualities, copper is one of the most sought-after metal on earth. It’s utilized in many industries, but the electrical industry relies heavily on copper because of its conductivity and other properties that make it ideal for contacts and cabling. In fact, only iron and aluminum are used more than copper by industries and manufacturing. As a result of the constant demand for copper, the metal has become one of the most commonly recycled materials found in recycling scrap yards in Montcalm, MI.

Copper 100% recyclable, and it can be recycled an infinite number of times without any degradation. Recycling copper in Montcalm, MI, makes perfect sense given its value to industry, the current demand, and the positive impact on the environment that recycling creates. Keep reading to learn a few things that you should know about copper recycling.

What Are Copper’s Properties?

One of the reasons that copper is so widely used is because of the numerous beneficial qualities that make it so versatile. It has high malleability, which means it can be hammered into almost any shape. It’s highly ductile, which makes it perfect for use in electrical wiring. It also possesses high thermal conductivity, which is why it is sometimes seen used in the construction of cooking pots. It’s corrosion resistant, though it does form a green patina of sulfate as a result of oxidation. It’s non-magnetic and antibacterial, which is one reason it is used as a wood preservative.

Where Does Copper Come From?

Recycling CopperInitially, copper is mined from the earth in specific locations around the globe. Usable forms of copper are generally found around hydrothermal veins, basalt pockets, and oxidized zones. Only 20 mines in the US provide about 99% of the copper used domestically. It is commonly found in minerals such as chalcopyrite or bornite. Once mined, copper can be recycled an infinite number of times after being recovered from electronic devices, scrap electrical wiring, and large appliances that contain metal tubing or electromagnetic motors.

Copper Is Critical for Electricity

Because only silver has a higher conductivity than copper, copper has emerged as the preeminent metal for use in wires, electrical systems, and electronics. Copper can be used in electronic devices, and it is the preferred material for manufacturing electrical wires because it allows electricity to flow through it efficiently.

Items Made from Copper

The list of modern items that contain copper includes computers, electronics, appliances, wiring, electrical fixtures, lightning rods, jewelry, radiators, scrap plumbing pipes, air conditioning units, outdoor decorative elements, roofing, and hardware.

Common Alloys of Copper

Recycling CopperCopper is easily incorporated into alloys that are common in everyday life. Bronze is used in statues and art and is created when copper is mixed with tin. Brass can be formed from combining copper with zinc, and it is used in musical instruments and home furnishings. Cupronickel is an alloy of copper and nickel and produces a strong metal that can be used for coins, hardware, and armatures in industry. Sterling silver can sometimes include copper and is used to make jewelry.

If you want to provide a valuable resource for industry while reducing the environmental disruption of copper mining, consider recycling scrap copper. To learn more about recycling copper, visit Fair Salvage Company at