4 Advantages Of Recycling Metals

Most people know that they can recycle metals or items containing metal. In fact, you can even get paid for most metals at a scrap salvage yard in Chase, MI. Some people have even turned their ongoing collection of scrap metals into an income source. In addition to the monetary benefits, there are at least four other advantages to taking your metals to have them recycled. Those are mostly environmental benefits, but the recycling industry is also responsible for the creation of many new jobs that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Saves Energy

It takes less energy to turn scrap metal into a new product than to harvest new resources to do the same thing. The metal is already there, and only needs to be modified for its new purpose. For example, the energy saved when you recycle one ton of metal is comparable to the energy required to run four homes for 4 entire months. These energy savings can be passed down to the consumer in the form of cheaper products, but it also reduces greenhouse emissions. This of course benefits everyone.

Conserves Natural Resources

Recycling conserves diminishing natural resources. Instead of drilling deep and recouping new base metals, the recycling industry can make use of existing metals. Recycling even reduces the use of water that is otherwise needed to create the materials anew. When existing materials are used, it also preserves the natural landscape and protects existing wildlife. While companies may do their best to return a mine to pre-mining conditions, it creates a big disturbance to the species inhabiting the area. Also, mining for resources is also costly to the mining company, which gets passed down to the consumer with a higher final price of the product.

Slow Landfill Growth

Recycling existing materials keeps them out of the landfills. This is important, because many of these metal items take a long time to biodegrade. Also, landfill space is limited in its total capacity and reducing garbage and waste is an important step you can take to make a difference. In fact, every time you throw something away that can be reused in some way, you’re adding to the landfills unnecessarily. That’s why the slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle” is not just a catchy phrase, but should be followed by individuals and companies whenever possible.

Economic Benefits

According to the Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc., the recycling industry creates over 500,000 jobs and generated $13 billion in tax revenue across the country each year. The industry also contributes an important part to the U.S. trade balance, because many US-based recycled products are exported to other countries. In comparison, sending the metal to the landfill requires much fewer workers, about 1 for every 6 employed. There are many more economic benefits for recycling any and all metal-based items.