First-time Sellers: How To Sell A Damaged Car

Selling a damaged car is easier than you may think, and you may receive more money than you expected. A salvage company in Montcalm, MI, can make money selling the usable parts or the scrap metal within the vehicle, so they’re motivated to pay you for your old car or truck. Follow the following steps to sell your junk vehicle.

Gather Your Information

First, make sure you have the vehicle’s title (registered to you) before you attempt to sell it. Although some salvage recycling locations in Montcalm, MI, may not require a title, it will make the transaction a lot easier if you have it. Some older cars are exempt from this rule, so contact the salvage yard ahead of time to see what their policies are.

Consider Making Repairs

If your vehicle isn’t completely beyond repair, a private buyer may wish to restore it back to working order. If this is the case, you’ll want to make your car look its best in order to get the best price possible. Thoroughly clean and wash it before showing it to potential private buyers – you might be surprised at how much of a difference this can make. This is also the time to make minor repairs if you think they’ll help you make money in the long run when you sell the vehicle.

Get An Estimate

Once your car and its paperwork are ready to go, contact a salvage yard in Montcalm, MI, to see what the vehicle is worth. Prices on vehicles are based on how many axles they have, what parts of the engine are still intact, and how much it weighs. Also, vehicle salvage prices can change every day – just like a stock on wall street – so it’s best to check on pricing within a day or two of when they plan on taking it to your local salvage location.

Avoid Fraud

Any time you plan on selling a vehicle, be sure to be upfront about all the damage you’re aware of. This is especially important if you’re selling it to a private owner. Trying to conceal damage to get a better price is considered fraud. If the new owner tries driving the car and is injured because of vehicle damage, or there are major issues with something that you did not disclose, you could be held liable.

Arrange Vehicle Pick Up

Once you’ve gotten a price for your vehicle that you’re happy with, contact the salvage yard to arrange to have the car transported to them – if that service is available. If the vehicle is driveable, you can bring it to the salvage yard yourself. Otherwise, you can pay to have it towed. The best salvage yard in Montcalm, MI, will tow your vehicle for free, giving you one less thing to worry about.