The Process Of Recycling Copper

Recycled copper is abundantly available in many common materials and is also in high demand. Copper is slow to corrode and very conductive, making it the go-to choice for many electronics, plumbing and heating materials, wiring, fixtures, and electrical motors. Copper can also be found in air conditioners, furnaces, devices used for cooking, home tubings, and car radiators. Larger cars can actually contain over 100 lbs. of copper or more.

Mining for new copper is considerably more expensive than recycling previously used copper, which is another reason for the high demand. The energy costs of recycling previously used copper is also much lower than the energy expended when mining for new copper. Also, clean copper can be used several times without diminishing any of its key benefits. Professional metal scrap removal in Montcalm, MI, can further assist you if you are interested in recycling copper.

Recycling Copper

The steps used to recycle copper depends on how much it has been used, and there are proper and improper ways to either separate the copper successfully or completely mess it up. For example, for small and large electrical wires, many have tried to separate the copper by using fire to melt the plastic away. But what they eventually find out is that this method lessens the value of the copper and ultimately damages it.

The best method to make it the most valuable involves stripping away the copper by separating and splitting it, using the proper equipment. There are cable strippers available that can strip cables up to a 7” diameter in one shot. There is also more potent and practical granulator equipment, which works for different sized wires and cables. This equipment is very effective and can be used to separate the material into small particles. It parts the coating from the metal. Each machine can process different volume capacities, and uses different fittings to carry out its duties. Getting copper from inside of electrical motors can be very tedious and complex, but it can be easy work for scrap metal removal services in Montcalm, MI.

Professional equipment can make quick work of splitting the stubborn iron or aluminum shell, to get the copper you desire, from inside. Other valuable metals such as aluminum may also be present. Please speak with your local metal scrap removal company for more information to take advantage of all of the value you may be able to extract. The final step in the process of recycling copper is for a professional to melt the retrieved copper, then flatten it into sheets. Then it is ready to be reused in other products.