Recycling Construction And Demolition Waste: A Bounty Of Benefits

Living on a tight budget can make companies creative. They’ll either come up with unusual ways of saving money or cutting costs to make ends meet. An ingenious supplemental revenue is one that won’t run out over time. You can sell something that you can get for free. You only have to be willing to spend a little time preparing it. That something is scrap metal from your work site.

You’re not only helping the environment; you’re earning revenue! Want to know how people turn their construction and demolition trash into cash? Read on to learn how to make a quick profit from metal junkyards in Chase, MI.

Learn the Categories

Metal ScrapsTo the untrained eye, junk metal looks the same, but any metal scrap buyer will tell you it’s all different. As you dump piles of debris into roll-away bins for landfill dumping, you’ll notice there are 2 kinds of scrap: ferrous and nonferrous. The former is mostly made of iron, which is magnetic. The latter is its exact opposite. So, having a magnet while you’re searching for items to sell can be helpful.

To get you started, here are some examples and where you can find each:

  • Steel: old appliances, trays, beams, and kitchen sinks
  • Aluminum: cans, storm windows, the screen of a door frame, and food foil
  • Brass: doorknobs, bed frames, tableware, and AC units
  • Cobalt: metal shavings and filter cake
  • Carbide: tool and drill bits
  • Copper: electrical wiring

Earn for Waste Returns

Organizing the materials for metal scrap pickup won’t just save you the cost of roll-off dumpsters, you’ll also earn from them. The more items you have, the more money you’ll make. That’s the biggest benefit of recycling construction and demolition metal waste. It’s a lucrative endeavor that can function as secondary revenue for a company.

Prepare Your Scrap

Metal Scrap YardOne thing you need to know about scrap buyers is they purchase in bulk. So, before you go into business with them, check if you have enough metal to sell. Sorting them out by category will help you see how much of each type you have. If it’s possible, start stripping off your scrap. You can get a higher price if you only hand in the metals and discard the excess.

If this is something you’ll frequently be doing (likely yes since it’s the heart of your business), you’re going to want to invest in a good pair of handheld wire strippers. Copper is probably the most popular metal that gets recycled. It’s also the waste item most sought-after from scrap yards.

You’re also going to want to have at least two roll-off bins. You can rent or purchase these from waste management facilities. One will be for regular waste, which will, unfortunately, make its way to the landfill. The other will be for the recyclables you’ve gathered during the construction or demolition. Separating what you can right away makes the sorting process more efficient and gives you a clear visual of what you’ve collected.

Sell Your Scrap

Search for a junkyard online or ask people who deal with scrap metal buyers. Try to look for vendors and gather as much information as you can. This helps you find the dealer that can give you the most reasonable price. Spend some time deciding who you want to partner with, as you’re going to be working with them frequently.

Selling scrap isn’t just a means for you to earn extra revenue for your construction and demolition business. It’s also a great way to reuse, reduce, and recycle waste. Trade your trash with metal junkyards in Chase, MI like Fair Salvage Company.