The Truck Scale Was In!

One spring morning in May—things began changing!

Unknown to us, the recycling yard on US 10 West of Clare closed. The customers started lining up down the gravel road—we did not have the nice blacktop road that we do now.

As the people came in to sell their material, the piles of scrap began to grow. We didn’t have cranes so the labor came at a precious price. But God gave us the ability to handle the flow. In 1998, the road was paved. The year that they were working on the road, we had weekly drawings of $25.00 for customers who braved the construction and $100.00 drawing monthly for all those who came also.

Jim Teall has worked for us and is a man of many talents. He started as a steel cutter in January of 1993. Later, others joined the crew, including Jeanne, Rick, Dave, Neil.

After closing hours, we would take our small trucks and go and clean up small yards. One in particular involved a lot of pipe. Jim Teall, on the way home from a location where Steve and Jim had been working, came over a little hill. The road turned from gravel to blacktop and the trailer and truck were across the road. Jim’s truck was over a log. Fortunately, Jim could back his truck off the log, but the axle on the trailer was broken. They got it back to the pipe yard. Next morning by noon, Jim had the trailer fixed and was setting at Fair Salvage Yard.

The next weekend Steve and Jim loaded a 2-ton truck. On the way back to Fair Salvage, the air brakes went out. They fixed the brakes and brought it to the junkyard.

Steve and Jim had loaded 10 ton of pipe by hand.