The Early Years

The idea was to open a car parts business, but before I begin, let’s go back to when that little boy was a teenager. That boy’s name was Steve, and one summer, a neighbor boy and Steve decided to make some money by finding old cars that people wanted hauled away for free and sell them at the Mid Michigan Recycling on US 10 west of Clare. His dad had a trailer and a truck that they could use, so that summer, many long, hard hours were spent selling junk cars.

Steve went away to Diesel College after high school for a year, and then came home and found a job at the Mitchell Corporation in Clare. He became a night foreman all the while thinking of his future. He came and shared his idea with his dad, and they “conned” mom into the plan.

The garage was available for a business and the acres were here. Floyd and Steve approached the neighbors with the idea and got their OK; they went to the Township and County. After getting permission from the Township and the County, we needed to be fingerprinted for a State License to sell parts and cars.

I remember the doors of the jail locking behind me as they took us to the back of the jail for the finger prints.