Misc. Items

Die Cast: The mixture of zinc and aluminum that is a casted product 99% of the time. Examples: vehicles trim parts and trophy figurines. This product is a much denser product than cast aluminum.

Magnesium: A material that is used in part for its extreme lightweight and strength. Once lit on fire, it will burn with a very bright white and reacts to battery acid by a smoking side effect. Examples: chainsaw shrouds, ladders and concrete finish tools.

Stainless Steel: must be non-magnetic (a magnet will not stick to it) and have no steel or other contamination attached. Stainless with plastic backing will be purchased at 1/2 the current board price.

Irony Stainless: Stainless will get purchased as Irony Stainless if any contaminants are attached to the stainless steel item.