Debunking Common Myths About Scrapping

If you have scrap metal disposal needs, chances are you have some preconceptions on what a scrap yard can do or will do. Chances are those are not accurate, unless your preconception is that you can trade in your scrap and get paid what it is worth on the market to the scrap yard. Here are some of the myths that people have about scrapping and why your metal scrap buyer in Chase, MI, wants to clear them up for you.

The Condition of Scrap Doesn’t Matter

Yes, it does. At the very least, it must be in compliance with the law and with the scrap yard’s policies. If it is not, you will pay the penalties stated in the scrap yard policies, or at minimum get a lower amount of money for your load. In the case of scrap metal pickup, it must be in transportable shape. The same applies to any metal scrap removal, whether it is a bunch of pieces or one large piece. The point is to make sure that the scrap is ready to go as the yard desires, and to ensure compliance with all state regulations.

Scrap Yards Make Two Times Or More What They Pay You

That is simply not true. Scrap metal buyers make a small percentage off everything that comes into the yard, but the pricing formulas vary on lots of factors. They also receive market prices from whomever they sell to, so if the market goes down, so does the scrap yard’s profit. Like any business, the goal is to make a profit, but no scrap yard owner makes a killing.

Longer Pieces of Steel Are Better

That is not true either. Some smaller pieces weigh more than larger pieces and will yield more money. In other cases, smaller pieces of steel are easier to prepare for sale. If possible, employees try to avoid using a torch to cut steel into pieces as much as possible. More cutting or preparing metal takes time, and time costs money.

PC Towers are Dangerous

PC (personal computer) towers do not contain hazardous materials that will harm a person if they are taken apart. You can take them apart as much as you would like. They will not explode, burn you, or shock you. Those are all misconceptions from various people that are false.

All Copper Is the Same

Again, no. Every item with copper in it has a different amount or percentage of copper. It all depends on its intended use. That is why there are so many pricing grades at each scrap yard. That pricing is also subject to change based on market prices.

Metal Powder Is Burnt to Separate Precious Metals

That is not true either. Scrap metal is sold on weight. If you do not have powder separated, there is not much that can be done.

Chemical Baths Are an Option

While you’re scanning your garage for scrap metals, be on the lookout for any aluminum patio chairs. Aluminum is a valuable metal that can get you a bit of cash from at the recycling center. To get the most bang for your buck, remove any plastic handles, the weave or plastic seat, so all you’re left with is the aluminum frame.

For more information on which metals you can recycle for cash, contact us at Fair Salvage Company.

Scrapping Is Horrible Work

That is really not true. Sure, it is hard work, and you will not likely get rich doing it. But once you understand the industry, it can be rewarding work. The trick is to learn as much as you can from the people who do it for a living. That will make your time doing it more profitable, which most people equate with being more fun.