Common Scrap Metal You Can Find In Your Home

Believe it or not, valuable metals are all around your house. Metals like copper, steel, aluminum, brass, and iron are often used to make common household items. When these items are no longer usable, you can bring them to a local salvage junk yard in Clare, MI, recycle the metals in them, and even turn a profit. Keep reading to learn where to look around your home for these common scrap metals.

Aluminum Cookware

Pots and pans are often made of aluminum and other valuable metals. If you have cookware that you no longer use, you can bring them to a metal recycling center to see how much money you can get for them. Because there are other materials used to make pots and pans, they are considered “dirty aluminum.” You will make more money from them by removing the plastic or rubber handles before scraping them.

Copper Pipes and Tubing

One of the most valuable metals you can trade for cash is copper. Older plumbing is often made of copper and sometimes has brass fixtures on them as well. Though you shouldn’t just start ripping the plumbing out of your walls, this is a great option if you are already renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Set aside any copper pieces you find to recycle them for cash.

Laptops and Computers

Desktop computers and laptops contain many pieces that can be traded in for cash at some local scrap yards or recyclers. They contain copper wires and other metal substances, which are valuable. You can also make money from other parts of the computer, like the motherboard. Just be sure to contact your local recycling yard to verify that they accept electronics, and some will only ‘accept’ them while not giving you anything in return for them.

Brass Faucets

Brass is another valuable scrap metal that you may have more of around your home than you realize. Sink faucets are often made of brass. To get the most money for these fixtures, be sure to remove any plastic pieces or rubber elements on them first.

Stainless Steel

This item, as you may have guessed, is often found in kitchens or bathrooms. If you plan to replace your sink, you can scrap your old stainless steel one. Just make sure that the sink is only made of steel; other materials like plastic or other metals can devalue it. This would mean that you would get paid less for your item. Remove anything that is not made of stainless steel before scraping this item.

Unused Car

One of the biggest sources of scrap metal is unwanted vehicles. If you have a car that you no longer use that is just collecting dust in your garage, consider selling it to a salvage recycling center. You may be able to make a huge profit by selling certain car parts like the radiator, batteries, rims, compressor, and more.

Aluminum Lawn Chairs

While you’re scanning your garage for scrap metals, be on the lookout for any aluminum patio chairs. Aluminum is a valuable metal that can get you a bit of cash from at the recycling center. To get the most bang for your buck, remove any plastic handles, the weave or plastic seat, so all you’re left with is the aluminum frame.

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