The Importance Of E-waste Recycling

As our society’s dependence on electronics grows, so does our electronic waste (also known as e-waste). With more electronics being bought and shelf life decreasing, our e-waste production has never been higher. E-waste must be discarded properly; it can’t simply be thrown into the trash. However, many people do not know just how important it is to recycle e-waste at a salvage scrap yard in Clare, MI, or any other facility. Here are a few reasons why this sort of recycling is so vital.

Conserve Natural Resources

Electronic devices are a fertile source of valuable raw materials. Just because these devices no longer work does not mean that the materials cannot be used again. Gold, aluminum, copper, and other raw materials can be stripped from old electronics and reused to make new ones. The possibility of increasing e-waste recycling is great as presently only about 10 to 15 percent of the gold in e-waste is recovered internationally.

The ability to obtain and recycle the materials from e-waste helps limit the need for mining them from the Earth. This conserves natural resources worldwide. The United Nations found that precious metal deposits in electronic waste are between 40 to 50 times richer than found in ore mined from the earth. So, not only does recycling precious metals conserve the Earth’s resources, it is also more efficient.

Manage Solid Waste Production

More electronic products are being produced with shorter life cycles than ever before. This has led to a huge increase in the production of solid waste. Solid waste fills up community landfills and does not break down easily – sometimes at all. Instead, think about disposing of your electronics properly at a scrap salvage yard in Clare, MI.

Reduce Toxic Substances and Greenhouse Gases

Electronic devices also contain toxic substances like cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, and more. They can also be made of other heavy metals and possible toxic chemicals, like flame retardants. In order to prevent these substances from being released into the environment, e-waste needs to be recycled properly at a salvage junk yard in Clare, MI.

Recycling e-waste cuts down on chemical emissions while disposing of the devices and within the process of making new devices. When companies use recycled materials to make new products, they are using less energy than they would if they used brand new materials. This means lower levels of greenhouse gases being sent into the environment.

Protecting Our Health

As mentioned above, e-waste can contain potentially dangerous chemicals and substances. Not only can this harm the environment, it can also do damage to the people living in the area as well. Even trace amounts of these toxins can be hazardous if they make their way into our water, soil, or air. E-cycling keeps these risky substances out of landfills, garbage disposal locations, and incinerators. Make sure you bring your electronic waste to the best salvage yard in Clare, MI, instead of allowing it to end up in a landfill, polluting our community’s health and the environment.