Turn Your Scrap Into Cash: Gross Vs Net Ton

Scrapping can be a fun experience and can most definitely be worth your while! One of the things that most will do before turning their scrap into cash is price shop! Let’s be real, we all want the most bang for our material.

Price Shopping

One of the things that other scrap yards and even some of our competitors are good at doing is playing with their wording. When you call for a price, they will tell you the Gross Ton price, but pay you for the Net Ton price. We here at Fair Salvage believe that is how scrap yards get a bad reputation and would like to put an end to it! Let’s break down the difference and ways to avoid this wording scam.

Gross VS Net

So, lets answer the question “what is the difference between a net ton, and a gross ton?”

The answer is simple. Weight.

A Gross Ton is 2240lbs where as a Net Ton 2000lbs.

Break it Down

The easiest way to see the dollar value difference is to break it down by the price per pound. So, lets break this down:

In this case, you call around and get the price of $140 per net ton(2000lbs) which = .07/ pound. If you took that same .07 per pound and turned it into gross ton (2240lbs) it would equal $156.80.

With this breakdown, you can now see how the wording of the prices can easily be the difference of $16. Be sure when you are making your calls and checking out websites for prices that you are asking how they are paying, by the net or gross ton. It could save you the headache of being tricked into thinking you’re getting more money for your material!