Know How Junkyards Determine The Worth Of Your Car

Do you have an old car that’s taking up space in your garage or driveway? You might want to consider selling it to a salvage yard in Clare, MI. Not just freeing up space in your property, but also bringing in some cash from the sale. Here’s some information on how a salvage yard in Clare, MI determines the value of a car.

Demand of Car Parts

Person Standing in Front of Their Old CarThe most valuable cars to a salvage yard are classic cars and those whose parts will fit a majority of vehicles. Classic car parts are valuable because of the many hobbyist who restore their collections and need the parts. And a lof of them are willing to pay a premium on hard to find parts. For parts that will fit a majority of cars, those are much more likely to be sold for a higher price. If you’re looking to sell a luxury car to a salvage yard, the amount that you’ll get depends on the area in which you’re looking to sell.

Towing the Vehicle

Most salvage yards are able to tow vehicles to their location, but this costs money, so the towing fee will often be taken off of the price that they offer for the vehicle. The amount charged for towing the vehicle depends on who is towing it and the policies of the salvage yard. The best way to save money on towing is to transport the vehicle to the salvage yard yourself. However, if you’re selling the car to a salvage yard, there’s a good chance the car is unable to run on its own. In this case, you can tow the car by attaching it to another vehicle with a hitch. If you are able to take the car to the salvage yard on your own, you’ll receive the full value of the car.

Ensure You Receive a Fair Price

Tow Truck Taking Away Old CarSelling your car to a salvage yard is similar to selling it to a dealer or private buyer. Before selling your car, you should do some research to find out approximately how much your car is worth. Then you can contact different salvage yards to see how much they are willing to pay for it. Different salvage yards in different areas may be willing to pay different prices so you can find the one closest to what you’re looking for.

Before you sell your car to a salvage yard in Clare, MI, you should understand how most junkyards determine the value of a vehicle. Use these tips to calculate the value of a car you’re taking to a salvage yard. Contact Fair Salvage Company for assistance selling your car to a salvage yard!