Insider Secret: 5 Valuable Car Parts You Can Sell

Few people look at an unwanted car and see the true value hidden inside. You may not realize how valuable small parts contained inside a larger component such as a door are. Where are the precious metals hiding? Before you sell a car to a salvage yard in Clare, MI, stop and take stock of the parts that matter.

Where is the hidden value? Here are 5 valuable parts that may surprise you.

The Air Conditioner

Depending on the model of the car, the air conditioner can be a sought-after part. Buyers are often looking to replace the most expensive part, the compressor. But, don’t overlook condensers and filters. They can bring value at a salvage yard as well.


We all have up-to-date apps on our mobile phones now that get us where we need to go. But, a car’s GPS, or Global Positioning System, still has value. A built-in GPS system make road trips safer and everyday travel simpler. Some drivers still prefer them, and for that reason they’re often in demand.

The Door

The value in your car door derives from its many constituent parts. The machinery inside a door that controls windows and mirrors can be sold, as well as the sheet metal itself. Don’t think of the door as one part, but as many.

The Bumper

Like doors, the bumper of a vehicle is more than meets the eye. A typical bumper is more than a piece of plastic. It’s a complex safety component made up of layers of material designed to handle impact. Modern bumpers often integrate with other systems of the car, such as airbag sensors.

Bumpers are often damaged and expensive to replace, so many people look for cheap replacements. This means money in your pocket.

The Catalytic Converter

The secret to the value of a used catalytic converter lies in the precious metals it contains. These metals help reduce the car’s emissions and keep the environment safe.

Use these tips to make more money when selling at a salvage yard, and you may help protect the environment at the same time.