How To Turn Scrap Metal Into Cash

Everyone is always looking for a way to make a little extra money without committing to a daily schedule or a normal part time job. So a good option is to turn the scrap metal laying around your home and yard into cash. Scrap metal can be very lucrative if done properly. Even better, one trip to the local scrapyard and you can immediately get paid. Follow these basic steps, then visit the scrap metal yard in Montcalm, MI, and come home with extra cash in your pocket.

Metal Inventory

Not every metal is created equal. You will make more on copper than steel, but quantity is the name of the money game at recycling yards. Start looking around your property, in your basement, attic, and even in the bottom of your toolbox. What you find might just surprise you and could start you on your way to a scrap metal business. Separate your metals as you find them in order of value, as below:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Iron


Any standard pick-up truck will work for transporting your load to the scrapyard. Easy transport is a great reason why many home and business owners are taking the time to catalog and sell scrap metal.

Choosing A Scrapyard

When looking for a good place to sell your load, make a list of the scrapyards near you, then call each one and do some price comparisons. Ask questions like:

  • Which metals are currently in demand?
  • What prep work can I do at home to get the most money per pound?
  • Do you have weight-breaks if I save up my metal until I have a certain amount?


Keeping clear, consistent records of the loads you sell to the yard is important. Because this is a growing side business for many, looters and thieves are actively trying to steal valuable metal from homes and job sites to turn into quick cash. Taking a few minutes to write down the metal types and quantities you sell creates a paper trail, and makes it more difficult for potential thieves to have any impact.


Scrap yards are businesses and could try to convince you that they set their prices fairly each day. Perhaps they do, but do a little research at home before going to any yard to negotiate. Every yard does not have the same pricing for the same type of metal. Metals are either ferrous or non-ferrous, and the latter are worth more and there is an easy way to test this.

  • Magnets stick to ferrous metals
  • Magnets repel non-ferrous metals

Bring your load to the scrap metal removal service in Montcalm, MI., and drive home happy with your exchange. Like most reputable scrap yards, you are paid quickly for your scrap metal load. However in Michigan, depending on the type of metal you are selling, you may have to wait for a check to be sent to you because of Michigan state law. Best to ask about this prior to showing up at a yard so that you fully understand local laws and payment types.

Searching your property for scrap metal can be fun. Enjoy a weekend afternoon on a scrap-for-cash scavenger hunt, then search for scrap metal removal near me in Montcalm, MI.