Dropping Steel Prices

In 1998, steel prices dropped and remained so for almost four years.  The family wondered many times if they should keep the doors open as the employees went from twenty-two down to six.  The number of hours put in by the family and Jim were extremely taxing.

The fall of 2003 rolled around and with-it steel prices began to climb a bit.  Employees were added to process material.  Things were beginning to look up.

Prayers were answered.  By the end of February in 2004, FSC had customers lined up down the road again.  There were new customers as well as those returning.  The yard was so busy that traffic had to be directed.

Times were tough during the drop in steel pricing for many salvage yards in the area.  Unlike FSC, many closed their yards which caused this influx of customers.  So much so, that FSC had to limit customers to 125 per day.