Fair Salvage Man-Power

Many, many jobs were done by “man” power in those early years. We operated the junkyard for a few years with a pole truck (we still have at the bottom of the junkyard) to unload cars, and old wrecker and an old John Deere B tractor with a bucket, pickup, and a 2-ton truck. The larger equipment came slowly. Our first loader was a “scary” piece of equipment. You had to watch your arms or you wouldn’t have any. Our first crane was a sight to behold also!

In 1998, the steel prices dropped suddenly and violently and remained so for almost 4 years. We wondered at times if we should even continue as we went from 22 employees to 6. The amount of hours put in by family and Jim were extremely taxing.

In the fall of 2003, things began to change. Prices climbed a small amount. We added people to process our material. Things were looking up, but also the family had prayed asking God for wisdom, and God was answering our prayers. Thank you, God.

The end of February-beginning of March, 2004 was the second time for Fair Salvage Company that people lined up down the road. People we had never seen before. We even had to direct traffic as we couldn’t get them in or out of the junkyard and still move! We even had a hard time of shipping our material as we had very little room with all the customers to get our equipment where we could load the material. The crew put in extra hours of overtime just to put the material away for the next day’s business. Thanks, crew.

We didn’t realize at the time that other junkyard businesses around us were having the same problems but had closed their yards when they had all they could handle. We came to the place where we limited customers to 125 per day.