Electric Motor Items

Ballasts: Normally found in fluorescent light units. The block is used to transform the rough electricity into usable/rated output for the light. All ballasts must have a label that reads NO PCBs. All others will be purchased as sheet iron.

Electric Motors: Typically found as items with a steel housing and copper windings wrapped around inside. Electric motors with aluminum windings are purchased as sheet iron. No plastic, garbage disposals, washing machine motors, or any excess material that is not directly related to the motor itself is to be present to receive full value price. Example: well pump motor, the pump must be removed first, and then the steel housed electric motor is purchased at full value.

Starters and Alternators: include most aluminum nose and housing models. Starters with steel nose cone will be purchased as an electric motor. Generator motors out of heavy machinery will be purchased as electric motors.

Sealed Units: These are Freon compressor pumps typically found in refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. The pump must be by itself with no attachment and must be made of stamped steel. Cast iron compressors will be purchased as sheet iron.