Batteries: all lead acid batteries. No NiCad, Lithium, or Alkaline. Battery will say “lead” on it or have the lead recycling logo with “Pb”. Battery jumper packs will be purchased as batteries but price at $0.10/lb.

**At this time, Fair Salvage does not accept batteries from Hybrid or Electric Vehicles.**

Steel Case Batteries: Example: electric fork truck batteries. Sealed lead acid battery cells incased in a steel housing. Battery backup boxes will be purchased as steel case but priced at $0.10/lb.

Soft Lead: Example: seals of cast iron pipe and sinkers. A very dense and soft material with no contaminants allowed to receive full price.

Wheel Weights: Example: lead jigs with steel hooks and lead wheel weights off car rims. Lead with excessive contamination. Must be at least 50% lead by weight.