Do I Need My Title When Selling My Car To A Recycling Yard

Get some extra money for your old car by selling it to a salvage yard. A scrap salvage yard in Montcalm, MI, is constantly on the search for new vehicles to purchase from the public. While this is an easy way to get rid of some of the vehicles that may be accumulating in your driveway, there’s a lot to know before beginning the process. From gathering quotes, to the documentation needed, here are a few helpful tips.

Gather Quotes

Even if your car is no longer running, you still deserve top dollar for its value. The best way to ensure that you get a good amount is by shopping around. Call around to various salvage yards and ask them for quotes over the phone. Be sure that you have the condition, make, model, and year of the car or truck, and any other pertinent information close by to ensure that you get an accurate quote. Many yards pay by weight, so knowing the basics of the vehicle will help you gather better information.

Necessary Documentation

To sell your car to a salvage yard, you have to prove that the car belongs to you. The best way to do this is by providing the title to the car. If you don’t have the title, the registration and your driver’s license may be used to prove ownership, though in some localities and states that still may not be enough. You can also obtain a duplicate title from the DMV if necessary. Again, best to call ahead if you are unsure.

Selling Process

Once you’ve selected a recycling yard and provided the necessary documentation, your vehicle will be inspected. Now is the time to double-check that you’ve removed all of your personal belongings. Many yards will also ask you to have a few other things done to the vehicle prior to bringing it in. Go to their website to gain a list of those items that are important to maximizing the value of he vehicle once you arrive. If the website does not offer you this intel, you should call them and ask what should be done. Sometimes this short list of requirements varies, so best to call a few places if the list seems out of place.

After the inspection, you’ll have the chance to decide whether or not you agree to the terms of sale. Then, you’ll be given a receipt for the sale and the cash or check promised from the quote. While selling your car to a salvage yard is a great way to get some extra cash, it does require a little bit of forethought. With the proper documentation and the right yard, your car will be sold for salvage recycling in Montcalm, MI, and you’ll walk away with money in your pocket.