An Overview Of The Classification Of Metal Scraps

If you’re doing a home remodeling project, or you run a business, you might find yourself with a bunch of leftover scrap metal. While this might seem like a nuisance, the fact is, you can make some extra money from that scrap metal. It’s important, however, that you familiarize yourself with the different types of metal scrap there are so you’ll know what to expect when you arrange for metal scrap pickup. Here are a few things you should know about the classification of metal scraps by metal recycling yards in Chase, MI.

Ferrous Metals

Appliances at metal recycling yardScrap metal is divided into two categories: ferrous and nonferrous. The distinguishing characteristic between the two types of metals is the presence of iron. Ferrous metals contain iron while nonferrous do not. Therefore, anything that’s made out of steel is going to be a ferrous metal. Cars and many household appliances, for instance, are mostly made of ferrous metals. If you’re unsure if something is ferrous or not, see if a magnet is attracted to it. If the metal is magnetic, then it’s a ferrous metal. While ferrous metals are prone to corrosion, they’re highly prized by metal scrap buyers for their high durability and tensile strength.

Nonferrous Metals

As you might have guessed, nonferrous metals are metals that don’t contain iron. Nonferrous metals are resistant to corrosion and aren’t magnetic. They are also known for being softer and more malleable than their ferrous counterparts. That’s one of the reasons they’re used for applications such as wiring, tubing, and pipes. Common ferrous metals you might find in the home or in a car include lead, brass, copper, aluminum and aluminum alloys, zinc, and stainless steel. It’s also worth noting that the noncorrosive nature of nonferrous metals means they’re perfect for functioning in environments where they come into frequent contact with water. Nonferrous metals command far higher prices from metal scrap buyers than ferrous metals might.

Why Recycle

Copper recycling Besides the fact that you can make money when you recycle scrap metal, the act of doing so has several environmental benefits. The creation of both ferrous and nonferrous metals takes a huge toll on the environment. Newly created metals need to be dug out of quarries which, in itself, is a tremendously destructive and pollution-heavy process. The manufacturing of metals, on the other hand, is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, so anything you can do to decrease the reliance on newly manufactured metal is helpful to building a cleaner and better world.

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