Our Thanks

Thank you to our faithful customers who have been here whether the scrap metal prices were good prices or bad prices. Fair Salvage Company appreciates all of our customers, and if you have never visited our junkyard or brought scrap metal to us, please consider us the next time you want to get rid of some of what I used to call “junk” and now know that someone, somewhere can either see the art, history, future in that pile of junk either becoming a sculpture in some huge place in Nashville, or from the past, or a new car! The possibility is unlimited.

Thank you for your patience with us as we continue to improve our facilities to serve you better.

We pray that your visit with us will leave you feeling “like you are family.” Since Jesus invited us into His family and what He is doing in our lives and knowing that we would not be in business if it wasn’t for Jesus, we want to pass His love and joy and peace and hope on to you.

Thank you, our Customer “family”.